Why Install a PVC Gutter

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There is now a huge influx of houses being built around the country and it is important that homeowners protect their investments. PVC gutter systems play an essential role in the protection of houses as they help prevent damage to the structure.

What is a gutter system?

Also known as a roof drainage system, a gutter system refers to a network of gutters and downpipes (which are the most important elements) installed on the roof to divert rainwater. Drains are placed on the edges of the roof to collect rainwater, which is drained through the downpipe into a tank/storage container or to the ground depending on the set up.

What is the purpose of a gutter system?

  • To ensure that water does not seep into the roof or foundation and protects the walls of a building.
  • To prevent settling and cracking on pavements surrounding the house Note that waterlogging around a house also settling, which may cause cracks in the walls.
  • To enhance a home’s appearance and aesthetics.

What are the advantages of PVC Gutter systems?

  • They are easy to install - PVC gutters are light and can be quickly lifted and clipped to their brackets. A contractor can finish installing PVC gutters and downpipes within one day.
  • Cost effective – PVC gutters are more cost effective and last longer. They are also low maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly - PVC is non-toxic, not combustible, and when exposed to high temperatures does not produce harmful gases.
  • Durability - PVC gutters are very light, flexible, and strong. Proplastics gutters have a ten (10) year guarantee (if installed properly), emphasising the high quality of our products.

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